Our Favorite Knot – Palomar Fishing Knot

Why the Palomar fishing knot is my favorite for fishing.

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Palomar Fishing Knot

Our favorite fishing knot is the Palomar Fishing Knot, it is easy to tie and very quick. We find this knot to be the one we use most often. It is very strong, coming in handy when we are fishing for Walleye because the Northern Pike here in Manitoba love their Walleye. Palomar fishing knot on Wikipedia.

Northern Pike Chomp – Goodbye Walleye

I have lost fish using the Palomar Knot, yet I can count on one hand how many times I have lost fish due to this knot failing. Most often it is because I tied the knot wrong in the first place. Shortly after I caught the 43 – inch Northern Pike on my crank bait, while vacationing at Perch Bay Resort in Ontario. I was reeling in a small Walleye when a Northern Pike chomped on the little fish and snapped the knot right off the eye of the crank bait. Palomar Knot YouTube.

The Downside – The Good The Bad

This knot uses a bit more fishing line than some other knots. When used in a tapered leader it will chew up your fishing line faster. I also find it difficult to use on any lure over 3 inches in length and trying to tie this knot on a Walleye ring will possible cause stress. Using the Palomar knot for small crankbaits, swivels and hooks will create a lot more excitement, when your daughter screams out, ‘I Got A Big One’

I caught a big fish
I am so excited

and you are confident that she will land that big one! Or you could just blame it on the knot and create a no stress fishing rest of your day.

Cold Hands – Palomar Knot

For as quick and easy tying this Palomar knot may be, I find it tough when I have been fishing all day with the family in the cold weather. My hands start to cramp up, fingers shake and I keep dropping the hook or lure. Makes me wonder if I have arthritis some days. This is when I cheat and use a knot fishing tool. The crimp tool kit is good for jigs, hooks and Walleye rigs.The Gerber 6-in-1 is handy to have in the tackle box.

Two Thumbs – Palomar Fishing Knot

    • Quick to tie
    • Easy to do
    • Can be tied in the dark
    • Very strong
    • Loose less fish

I will continue to use the Palomar fishing knot when I take the family fishing. I trust this knot to get the job done with no stress.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Life Is Beautiful! When you are fishing!



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